Introspective Instrumentals from the south of Spain

Cheap Monk is a Lo-Fi Hip-Hop and Chillhop project. nested between oldschool Hip-Hop and Downtempo Electronica. He draws inspiration from artists like Nujabes, Emancipator, Madlib and J Dilla.

Using the slogan "Instrospective Instrumentals" as his north star, Cheap Monk explores sounds, textures and arrangements that evoke a feeling of calmness, discovery and introspection. Pushing agains today's attention economy, Cheap Monks staps to asside and accompanies from all over the world on their everyday routines.

As of today Cheap Monk boasts more than 21 million streams, he's had almos a million monthly listeners and has collaborated with artists like Mike Casey, Pulitzer Prize winner Ian Urbina and pianist Javier Otero Neira and the Galicial Filharmonía.



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